Semicon Case Study

Semicon West offers a large variety of on-site advertising opportunities that are often referred to as marketing and promotional opportunities in the trade show industry. The management wanted to be able to bring the opportunities online and make them available to prospective buyers visually. Our firm created an application that allowed Semicon's sales staff to upload photos, descriptions and prices of their sales opportunities and display them on their event site, also allowing clients to email the appropriate party when interest was expressed in a particular opporunity. The application supported multiple photos as well as marking items as sold so that a visual inventory would be always up-to-date. The application resulted in a substantially better reporting of sales and tracking of remaining inventory while reducing the sales staff work in terms of queiring availability of those opportunities.

We found that The Spencer Company's program was more cost effective than other solutions and they did the work in record time. We're happy we found them.

Jeff Chase, Account Manager