Blackie Dammett and His Son Anthony Kiedis

Hollywood’s Wild Side: “Lords of the Sunset Strip” Series Announced

Hollywood, California: July 31, 2023 — In a captivating creative venture, industry powerhouses, Prestige Studios Ltd., Great Guns Development Ltd., and The Spencer Company have announced the development of a provocative television series, “Lords of the Sunset Strip.” Drawing inspiration and source material from the compelling memoir and fascinating life journey of Blackie Dammett—father of Anthony Kiedis, the enigmatic frontman of the Red Hot Chili Peppers—the series promises to unveil the secrets of Hollywood’s elite. Additionally, it presents a retrospective of the exhilarating spirit, rebellious attitude, and aggressive styles that characterized the 1980s.

Blackie Dammett, a Midwesterner who transformed into a self-proclaimed Hollywood mover-and-shaker, led a life as vibrant and memorable as the Hollywood music scene he helped mold. This pioneering series will impartially and unflinchingly delve into the nomadic spirit and wanderlust that defined Dammett’s life from start to finish—probing the journey of an actor, musician, drug dealer, father, and socialite during one of the most electrifying periods in music history.

Christopher Matthew Spencer, founder of The Spencer Company and publisher of Dammett’s autobiography, reflects, “Blackie Dammett’s life is a mesmerizing tapestry woven with bright threads of chaos, character, and unrivaled vitality. It epitomizes a unique era like no other.” He continues, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Prestige Studios Ltd. and Great Guns Development Ltd. Our collective vision is to captivate our audience, constructing a perfect time machine back to the Hollywood 80s—immersing them in a tumultuous ocean of hedonism, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.”

“The meticulous process of evaluating a highly select group of gifted directors for our upcoming project, ‘Lords of the Sunset Strip’, has begun. Our aim is to identify and secure the absolute best fit to realize our vision for this monumental moment in Hollywood history,” said Michelle Nickelson of Prestige Studios Ltd.

“This is such an exciting and timely genre and the team is prepped and ready to get firing on all cylinders. We have been delighted with the interest and response from so many different parties including unsolicited investor inquiries coming through our business partner Adrian Sender,” said Laura Gregory, founder and CEO of Great Guns Development Ltd. 

The partners are currently in negotiations over funding rounds and discussing casting options for the series. The casting, aimed at honoring the flamboyant persona of Blackie, along with more intimate details about the series, will be revealed in due time; and once the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA authorize their members to resume industry work.

The amalgamation of exceptional expertise and mutual ambition between Prestige Studios Ltd., Great Guns Development Ltd., and The Spencer Company provides a platform to vividly bring to life the charisma and magnetism of Blackie Dammett and the electrifying 1980s Hollywood entertainment industry scene.


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