Guaranteed Service Refund Management for United Parcel Service

We have a passion for building software, so it would be a natural decision to build cool software that does great things. We work with many clients who are big shippers with United Parcel Service (UPS) and who want to make sure that they receive a prompt refund when a package is not delivered on time.

You are absolutely entitled to a full refund of the shipping fees charged to your company when a UPS package is late...even by one minute!

Our company will log into your weekly shipping data and load all your tracking numbers into our system. We will use our proprietary software that we have built to automatically track the shipment status on every single one of your parcels and then we will contact UPS on your behalf and request a refund.

We charge 1/3 of the recovery and you only pay if you receive a refund.

Here's what we do:

  • Log into UPS and upload the weekly list of tracking numbers
  • Query UPS's computer on the shipment status for all shipments
  • Flag any shipments that are late and prepare a report
  • Contact UPS by phone and ask for your refunds
  • Prepare a list of refunds that have been approved and send it to you along with our invoice for 1/3 of the recovered funds
  • You will see the refunds show up on your weekly invoice as Guaranteed Service refund credits on your UPS invoice

Our actual statistics show that 0.84% of all UPS shipments are late. that's one in every 119 shipments. For a high-volume UPS customer, that will translate into huge savings in refunded shipping fees.

If you are a high-volume UPS shipper, don't delay, every day you are entitled to refunds.

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