Marketing Communications

We have extensive experience and staffing to handle Marketing Communications for your company. This communication process is traditionally focusing on the creation and execution of printed marketing collateral; however, we also provide professional research for the promotion of strategic branding and marketing to ensure consistency of message delivery throughout an organization.

Many successful businesses use Marketing Communications (aka MARCOM) to impress the organization's (or individual's) branding upon clients and customers.

We can help with MARCOM and public relations for:

  • Creating content and press releases
  • Determining appropriate marketing and public relations strategy
  • Engaging in damage control situations
  • Fielding media inquiries
  • Making direct pitches to media outlets
  • Sending out news wires
  • Digital marketing
  • Word-of-mouth and organic and/or viral marketing campaigns
  • Working with stakeholders and executive teams prior-to and during interviews
  • Scripting interview content and ensuring quality image and outcomes

If you are interested in discussing these services, please call us today.