Creating "middleware" to automate the management of information between two or more applications within your organization

We know that in order to be as efficient as possible, you need to maintain your workflow. Also we are aware that your data is the most important asset to you, no matter on what medium it is or what kind of form it has, being it database or spreadsheets.

Technology marches on at constantly accelerating a pace, so you might need your existing data in new contexts. That’s where we are coming into play. We are able to make the needed software for your different needs to let you have a fresh view to your existing data:
  • Convert your data from one form to another or from one medium to another.
  • Keep your workflow constant: our software (in the role middleware) would let you use your existing productivity tools while doing the hard work of making newer systems compatible with older ones.
  • Improve your productivity by avoiding needles handwork for inserting or updating massive amounts of data and let us make an automation script.
  • Connecting your data with other sites' APIs such as eBay, Salesforce CRM, UPS, FedEx, Google; or any site that offers an Application Programming Interface

Allow us to develop the right middleware to connect your applications.