Database-driven applications that help capture, organize, analyze and report data

Data sharing between different actors in business and open standards like XML are already there to allow you to remix and use your data in various ways. For sharing the data in a controlled way with their clients, big players like eBay have enabled public APIs (application programming interface). Increase the value of your data by capturing it and combining it in the way that it tells you more than what you might get by keeping your data solely on your service provider’s servers. Make your data work for you.

We have extensive expertise in connecting to databases, APIs or using other means of interfacing with the parties who have all or some part your vital business data. Using our tailored software, you are able to:
  • Organize your data into more manageable way so that it would be of more value to you
  • Save your data offline from the original source and make sure to always have access to it, no matter what happens to the original source. Be rest assured that you’ll never miss it.
  • Analyze the existing data and find the nuggets of gold that are vital for your future course of action.
  • Find the needed information in visually pleasing way by viewing diagrams
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