Management Services for the Entertainment Industry

Our Entertainment Services Division offers management to professionals in the entertainment industry who have career merit. We assist US and foreign talent; providing assistance with sponsoring petitions for visas as well.

We provide:
  • Advise and counsel, in the selection of literary, artistic, musical, and dramatic material.
  • Advise and counsel, in any and all matters pertaining to publicity, public relations, and advertising for artist.
  • Advise, counsel, and direct in the selections of artistic talent to work with Artist.
  • Advise and counsel with regard to general practices in the entertainment and amusement industries, and with respect to compensation and terms of contracts in the entertainment and amusement industries.
  • Advise and counsel concerning the selection of theatrical agencies and persons, firms and corporations, to procure employment and engagements for Artist.
  • Advise and counsel with advanced careers for licensing performer intellectual property

Please know that all clients must work through a licensed talent agency for procuring employment and our management services do not extend to the solicitation of any employment where prohibited by law. Additionally, sponsorship of visas for foreign clients must be in conjunction with a licensed attorney.