Brand licensing

We arrange licensing agreements with brands and licensees that manufacture products. We work with brands that have a strong customer acceptance for brand extensions or products. Licensees lease the rights to use your brand to incorporate into their merchandise, but do not share ownership in it.

We help you leverage the marketing power of your brand and grant access to licensees to retail products bearing your design or brand name. New products help grow your brand and generate a larger brand impact.

We work with you and your team to help you:

  • Choose product categories to be licensed
  • Negotiate the best licenses possible with strong existing companies
  • Develop minimum royalty guarantees and sales targets with your licensees
  • Help you meet your business objectives for brand extension and awareness

Brand licensing can be achieved for many companies. Did you know that Polaroid is a licensed brand? They don't manufacture any products. Interesting, right? Licensing can be accomplished in a wonderful way for entertainment professionals, sports figures, existing product brands and so forth.